Saturday, September 06, 2008


I officially felt hiccups this morning! I woke up early to help out with our church garage sale, but as I was trying to convince myself to get out of bed, I had my hand over my belly, and there they were! Very distinct, rythmic hiccups! I couldn't feel them from inside, just with my hand on the outside. So maybe he's had them before and just missed them. I woke Jon up so he could feel them, too. Our first hiccups!


  1. *laughter* :D
    You made me smile Lid! :D
    I can't wait for stuff like that! I STILL have yet to feel ANYTHING at 18 weeks! :D I will though, I know.....just gotta be patient!

  2. As you know, Ian got them all the time in the womb and a lot as a newborn. He still gets 'em every now and then... Alan and John get them a lot too from what I understand. Runs in the family, you could say.

  3. Oh... and our doctor said hiccups were good, meant the lungs were developing...


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