Monday, September 29, 2008

Dr. Appointment

Today's dr. appointment required a lot of wait time. Evidently Dr. K was delivering a baby, so we had to wait awhile. When the time came, it was pretty routine. Here are my stats:

Weight: Gained 2lbs. Total of 16lbs.
Uterus: 31-32cms
Blood pressure: 118/79
Caleb's heart rate: 154bpm

We asked Dr. K about a "walking epidural," which is the pain relief of an epidural while maintaining the ability to walk. It seems like the best of both worlds, but it's still pretty rare, and it turns out it's not offered at my hospital. *sigh* We talked with Dr. K about the possibility of us delivering while she's on vacation (missions in Southwest Asia, as a matter of fact), and she said that the other doctors are a lot like her in the way they operate, so not to worry. She said that I'm likely to be late since it's my first baby, so she might even be back by the time Caleb comes. In which case, she's on call the whole week of Thanksgiving, so we'd have her without a doubt. Unlike what the scheduler said at the last appointment, she didn't mention induction at all, which is good. I'm sure as we get closer we'll know a little more.

We also asked if she could tell if Caleb was head up or down. She poked around a bit, decided that she couldn't really tell, and said, "Well, let's just start up the sonogram machine and find out!" So, once again, our patience (and picking the last appt. slot of the day) paid off, and we got a sonogram!
That's his face in the upper right half, facing the camera. Dr. K said it looked like he's already working on a full head of hair! She also said his bladder looked unusually large, which either meant he just needed to pee, or it could be an indicator of something wrong. She's not the one trained to notice things like that, so she scheduled for us to have a quick sono on our next appt, this time with the sonographer, to see if the trained eye noticed anything wrong. I don't think it's anything to worry about at all, and we get another sonogram!

All in all, it was worth the wait, and a very good appointment!


  1. So Caleb's already working on a full photo album, pretty good for a kid who hasn't even gone out in public!

  2. I always wondered why they can sometimes be stingy with ultrasounds. (I mean, obviously, your doctor is not.) But what's the cost in doing one, really? I mean, I'm sure it's an expensive machine, but for the actual use, the cost would involve VERY minimal electricity and a squirt of belly goo. If that's the case, they should be handing out sonos like candy. :-)

  3. I agree with KD. The actual cost of operation can't be that much.

    Glad you have a good visit and another sonogram, though.

  4. I wonder if it's the time factor, and also that things like this could happen: an inexperienced sonographer (my dr.) could "find" something that may not be something at all, and now we have to have another. It works out for me, but I can see why it could be a hassle for the office. I think twins and high-risk pregnancies get sonos all the time. But I agree, more sonos for the pregos! Let's arrange a sit-in.

  5. Regarding the bladder... my oldest had a full bladder on one of my sonograms, too. And then, when we were recording it on a VCR tape, he emptied his bladder. That's how we knew he was a boy. :) It was awesome and I plan on showing that video to his wife some day.


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